The Steps to Design Your Dream Moissanite Engagement Ring

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Designing your dream moissanite engagement ring doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are numerous ways of making your journey of designing and owning a brand new custom moissanite ring effortless and enjoyable. The following steps will help you to build your loved one an engagement ring that is truly unique

Here's How to Design a Wonderful Engagement Ring.

The engagement ring comes in a variety of styles. When you consider the setting, the stone, and the shape of the engagement ring, you may feel a little confused by your options. Using the Gemorie website, you can create your own perfect moissanite engagement ring and save yourself from having to deal with complications. 

To begin, follow these steps:


  1. Pick the dream moissanite stone that speaks to you.
  2. Select the complementary setting of your choice.
  3. Review and order your perfect moissanite engagement ring.

With dozens of setting options to choose from, Gemorie has everything from traditional and elegant to simple and trendy. We also have a large selection of custom moissanite rings. You can consider shapes, carats, colors, clarity, cuts, and budget when creating your engagement ring. Whatever type of engagement ring you have in mind, we can help bring it to life.


1. Choose Your Center Stone: Lab Diamond or Moissanite

You can pick from the perfect certified moissanite stones or thousands of loose diamonds available at Gemorie. It is important to choose the right carat weight for your moissanite. The carat weight increases the moissanite’s value. In addition to the carat weight, other characteristics such as cut, clarity, and color contribute to the overall appearance of the moissanite. When selecting moissanite, you should filter it according to these factors to avoid purchasing moissanite that is not aesthetically appealing.

2. Pair It with A Setting That Complements and Enhances The Stone

We have a wide range of ring settings and styles to match every class and budget, including modern and retro designs to solitaire, completely unique rings made just for you. Make sure the cut, clarity, color, and weight match your preferences. Setting plays a significant role in how your completed engagement ring will look, so you should choose a ring to match your choice of moissanite. Pick a setting that complements your spouse or fiancé’s lifestyle in addition to the look of your moissanite.

3. Place Your Custom Ring Order

When you are done with choosing the perfect moissanite and setting, your final ring is available for review. Additional engraving options are available to add even more personalization to your custom moissanite ring. Once you’ve designed your dream moissanite engagement ring, you’ll have to put in the correct ring size before placing the order. It’s that simple.


Finding The Perfect Moissanite Engagement Rings in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for custom moissanite rings in Los Angeles for your spouse or partner, you’ve come to the right place. There is something unique for everyone, from classic solitaires to vintage styles that will leave you speechless. You can choose from hundreds of stunning engagement ring styles. With handcrafted ring settings that are built to last a lifetime, it’s easy to design your own custom moissanite engagement rings in Los Angeles.

With Gemorie’s personalization options and easy three-step process, everyone can design their own dream engagement ring. Set your own unique ring with a metal of your choice, center stone, and complementary setting. You can have all the beauty at a fraction of the price. Choose from lab diamond stones or moissanite stones for your center stone setting. With Klarna, PayPal, and SplitIt, we give you easy jewelry financing options to make your custom moissanite rings in Los Angeles.

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