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MR-G, the lineup that is constantly expanding the limits of absolute strength and accuracy, is proud to become the wrist timepiece in the G-SHOCK lineup to come with a Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber band. This highly functional material has a soft, gentle texture and elegant feel, and also provides high durability. The surface of the band has a traditional Japanese bishamon kikko pattern, making this new band as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

A titanium case is combined with other materials for a new level of innovative functional elegance. Function-wise, this watch includes a time adjustment system capable of obtaining data via Bluetooth®, GPS signals, and time signals and other powerful features and functions made possible by original technology.

Material, structure, function. Everything approached with an uncompromising spirit. A new level of strength and new materials for a new model that is the top of the G-SHOCK line.

*GPS hybrid radio-controlled solar combines CASIO’s own solar power charging system, positioning using a Global Positioning System (GPS), and reception of time calibration signals around the world.


  • Tough Solar power system (solar-charging system)
  • Module: 5531
  • Size of Case 54.7 × 49.8 × 16.9 mm / 139g
  • Shock Resistant
  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Carbon Hands
  • Anti-Vibration Screw
  • 200m Water Resistant
  • Case: Deep-layer hardening

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