Moissanite: An Ethical Engagement Ring Option

Are you looking for a diamond alternative? Moissanite engagement rings offer an ethical, affordable option to anyone looking for an alternative. Moissanite looks like a diamond and is almost just as durable as a natural diamond with a Mohs scale rating of 9.25. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why moissanite is a great option for your engagement ring.

moissanite engagement rings


Studies have shown millennial consumers prefer ethically sourced, conflict-free diamonds and diamond alternatives because they bring no social impact to our environment. When shopping for ethical engagement rings, moissanite center stones are a great option.

Cost Efficient

Weddings can be expensive. So can starting a life together. Moissanite looks and lasts just as long as a natural diamond for a fraction of the cost. Unlike natural diamonds that jump in price with size, moissanite stones increase in price at equal intervals making larger stones much more affordable.


Diamond with colorless range gradings are always more expensive. The beauty about moissanite is Gemoda and Forever One moissanite is only made in colorless (D-F) ranges. Which means you will have a beautiful, white sparkling stone for an amazing price.

Cut To Perfection

Diamonds are graded by their cut on the GIA scale. Moissanite stones are cut with excellent facets and are always ideal. This ideal cut will ensure that the light reflects back in just the right angles for the breast light refraction that will guarantee a radiant sparkle.

moissanite cuts

Gemoda moissanite bv Gemorie and Charles & Colvard Forever One moissanite are both available online at Read our moissanite education to learn more about the properties of moissanite stones.